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chicken wings

January 8, 2010

one bulb lights my entire kitchen and today, this bulb burnt out.

generally, i don’t let something as trivial as a burnt-out bulb get in the way of my appetite but today it did. it wasn’t the pile of dishes waiting to be washed, nor my empty refrigerator either…it was the light bulb. at any rate, i ended up at two different pubs, one for lunch the other dinner, where i ordered the same pub-food staple – chicken wings.

i subscribe to the philosophy that one can never have chicken wings too often, and that they should always be joined by a deliciously frothy beer. having dined on chicken wings weekly for most of the past decade, i have come to understand that there are TWO factors that will determine the worth of a chicken wing: 1) crispness of the skin – crisp-fried wings are just about the most perfect vessel for catching and retaining flavour, and 2) the dressing. most people who haved delved even into the shallow end of the chicken wing pool know that there are a range of flavours to choose, some dry and some wet.

today’s experience started out at a pub up the street. it is nothing spectacular, except for the close proximity to my home so i’m not sure why i expected anything more than fairly prepared wings. the next pub, the dinner pub, is a considerable distance from the other but leap and bounds better. they came not piled up in a basket, but stacked on a plate. they were delectable. the perfect combination of crispy and saucy.

they can’t be particularily difficult to make. fry the wings, sauce them up. probably time i should try making my own.


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One Comment
  1. Mark permalink

    A very introspective article. Really got me to thinking.

    I had been wondering about this very subject all week. This really puts my mind at rest.

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