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early morning cookery

January 10, 2010

new bulb in place – went with the energy efficient variety so now i have interestingly created a low-light sort of mood in my kitchen. i was inspired to cook myself something in this new atmosphere.

early morning cookery often leads to baked indulgence.

in the post holiday fall-out, i have several residual pounds of butter remaining in my freezer. and following the heaps french toast made with egg nog (lovingly referred to as frog-nog toast), homemade croissants and cinnamon buns this morning i opted for something simple – biscuits. big ones.

with my granny’s recipe for biscuits (which consistantly produces biscuits that taste straight from the canadian prairies – buttery, soft, and flakey) i have dabbled in both the sweet and savoury. some successes have resulted from dried blueberries, any of the aromatic spices (but particularily cardamom and apple), cheeses (hard ones turn out better than the soft), roasted garlic and anything herb-ish. only thing you should really keep in mind when experimenting with added goodness is that you don’t make the dough too wet…so unfortunately fresh fruit tends to turn them more into little muffin tops instead of biscuits.

this morning i hit the flavour jackpot with a combo of  mozzarella and about 3 Tbsp of a strong garlic and herb dip mix. they baked up HUGE and alternated between finishing them with egg-wash or a pile of mozza.

i ate one, then decided i should make a sandwich with the next and use up some leftover ham (good excuse to have a second biscuit i say!). spread some dijon, piled the ham, topped with some baby romaine leaves and inserted my mouth-widening instrument.

mood lighting + delicious garlic, herb and cheese biscuit + ham sandwich = satisfaction with a over-extended jaw and a full belly.


2 cups… flour

1/4 tsp… salt

4 tsp… baking powder

1/8 tsp… cream of tartar

1/2 cup… butter

1 cup… milk

Egg-wash (one egg + 2 Tbsp milk) 

mix dry ingredients in large bowl. cut in butter with finger tips until it you get pea-sized bits – try to do this quickly to avoid the butter getting too warm. stir in milk until just combined. turn out onto your counter and bring together. i don’t use a rolling pin, so just press the dough lightly with your palms until it’s about 3/4 inch thick. cut out biscuits and brush with egg-wash. bake at 350 F until brown on the tops and bottoms (15-20 min).


From → recipe enclosed!

  1. So… I’m going to try this recipe as soon as humanly possible. Sounds delicious!

    PS: The blog looks awesome. Congratulations and welcome!


  2. I absolutely need to remember to try this, everytime I think about biscuits, I think MEGAN HAS A RECIPE. And then I forget and eat something less delicious.

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