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14 for thanks and giving them dessert :)

September 28, 2010

my mom has invited the closest members of our family to Thanksgiving dinner this year — 14 people. this may not be a big number to some people, but when you’re contributing to the table, it can certainly be daunting.

a really easy way to handle this, and not always the first thought for most — make more than one dessert!!

after everyone stuffs themselves with turkey dinner, the last thing there’s room for is dessert!

serving a variety of desserts will let my family choose a sliver of one, a big hunk of another or a little of each 🙂

the beauty of variety as well, is just that — VARIETY — you don’t have to get hung-up on making your choices based on the seasonal flavours. a selection of anything should include something for everyone: traditional pumpkin pie, something tart, something sweet, or maybe some chocolate??

whatever you do, don’t make it too complicated. the best part about the holidays is getting the chance to relax with family and enjoy some good food.

this year i’ll be making a pumpkin pie (with shortbread crust), an orange-cranberry cheesecake and dark chocolate cupcakes with chocolate ganche filling. YUM!


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